We all use many apps, not all are created equal, and that goes for security system apps as well. Some can give basic function, others a lot more advanced control, some with an awkward user experience, others are easy to use and well designed. Like most things, price varies a lot too. We have tested most of the apps/ systems available and can give advice based on what you need.

Some use cases:

  • remotely set/unset an alarm system
  • add/remove alarm system users *
  • change alarm system codes *
  • view alarm system logs, to identify who last set/unset + when
  • remotely open doors
  • view live and recorded video history
    • some with advanced smart search, makes it easier to find what you are looking for
  • or you can combine functions like I do at my home. e.g. get a tradie/ friend/ relative to call my mobile when they arrive, I check on CCTV who is at the door, turn the alarm off, then open the door. I don’t even need to be home to let them in!

* advanced features to be discussed and used with caution.

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