Peace of Mind

Security technology is being used widely across many industries and sectors for all sorts of reasons, many not even for security. One recurring theme is ‘Peace of Mind’, using the technology to enable a less stressful life, with one less thing (or many things) to worry about.

CCTV example uses include:

  • To help provide a safe environment for employees &/or customers
  • Ability to view activities remotely
  • EH&S compliance
  • Regulatory or Customs needs
  • Gain a visual record of inwards/outwards goods
  • Recording who has accessed a site when
  • Deterrence of vandals/ criminals/ vagrants
  • Remote/ unattended site monitoring
  • Intruder alarm verification

We use the following concepts in our solutions


At ESAT we take great pride in providing a personalised service, and believe that our consultation adds massive value. The customer benefits from our experience and knowledge. This is often included FOC in our solution design and quote service. However, if you would like our advice only, we are happy to discuss your needs and propose a consultation &/or design (only) service.


Relax, we can include remote monitoring and management plus set up agreed responses. This way you only get a call in the situation as agreed, otherwise we can take care of the rest.

e.g. a camera system notifies ESAT that 1 camera is offline, we remotely investigate, then send a technician only if needed. No unnecessary calls to you, when it can be solved by remote reboot etc.


Lets face it, CCTV is everywhere. There is not many public spaces you can go without its presence; and increasingly used in private spaces too.

Everybody who has CCTV loves it, and the technology is way ahead of those old grainy images from crimewatch. Use our experience to ensure you get a no-nonsense quote, specific to your needs.

The latest tech is ‘video analytics’ – where a built in AI can determine specific events and trigger actions. This definitely requires a needs assessment, if you want to know more, please call us.


Alarm monitoring, its a service that’s been around for decades, but still very relevant today, we would say essential. Most know what this is, but how it works is changing. The digital revolution is changing how this service is delivered, removal of copper lines and the introduction of fibre means moving to cellular or IP based systems. These can provide an enhanced service offering including smartphone apps to reduced need for calls in either direction etc.

Intruder Alarms

This is a basic level of security recommended for all properties. The primary purposes are: 1 – deter unwanted intruders. Seeing a professionally fitted alarm, will encourage burglars to leave a premise alone. 2 – activate sirens, so any intruder does not hang around. A lot more damage can be done if burglars have time inside your property. 3 – provide offsite notification to a monitoring station of intruder presence, so that a response plan can be set in motion.

Software / Apps

like most things, all is not created equal. Free options or paid for, the choice is yours.

A systems software (or app), is often the most used interface today, so you want software that works well. We can advise you of the options & provide demonstrations if needed. We pretest everything we sell, and don’t sell anything that does not work. Be assured, we only offer products we would be happy to use ourselves.

Access Control

Ever wanted to be able to get a report of who went through a door when, or, restrict the time of day that a key worked. Well these are two basic functions of an Access Control system. Control who/ when, and provide audit trail.

An Access Control system is typically made up of some form of electronic lock or auto door opening device, plus some form of credential reader. The credential traditionally would be a keyfob or card. But new technologies allow us to have mobile credentials, where a smartphone can be used via Bluetooth. Because Bluetooth has a long range, the card readers can be placed more discretely, for elegance, to prevent vandalism, or overcome installation challenges.

Driveway & Perimeter Alarms

Whether you are in the city or live rurally, a driveway alarm can be very beneficial. A beeper in the house will let you know when someone is approaching.

Perimeter alarms, offer the same type of function, but can operate over a much wider span of open ground. Thus allowing an ‘invisible fence’ which can trigger when crossed.

These can be connected to CCTV, Alarms, Lights, Sirens, Pagers, etc. so that in event of a triggered alarm an action is created. e.g. Turn on the outside light + send a mobile ‘push’ notification or text.

Outputs & Automation

Lets use a sensor, timer, remote or app to trigger something. We can use conditional programming or leave it in total manual control.

Examples include: pumps/ coffee machines/ spa pools/ irrigation/ lights/ hot water cylinders/ etc/ etc.

Depending on your needs we might need to work with another trade to achieve your goal. But if you can imagine it, we can probably find a way to help achieve it.

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