Business Intelligence Wizardry

Janine is a Jet Reports Certified Specialist and has a wealth of experience as a BI consultant. Having completed work across many industries, specialising in Jet Reports for the last 9 years. Her work experience prior to becoming a BI consultant is also huge, e.g: Investment Banking – Director, Print Management – GM/CIO. Our customers benefit from this experience, you can too. ESAT can work with all manners of data sets, creating all sorts of magical data outputs, from corporate financials to interactive sales reports, and just about anything you can imagine. Creating data warehouses, working with Microsoft Navision/ Xero/ Microsoft Power BI/ bespoke systems etc. This is all within your reach. If you have data and need some more actionable insights, visualisations, automations or ways to integrate, contact us to discuss your ideas. We will have ways we can help you, our ideas might surprise you.